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The Importance of Independent Thinking

By: Anna Martin - Updated: 14 Apr 2021 | comments*Discuss
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Intellectually active minds open doors to opportunity. Whether your thinking is on a logical or creative wavelength being an independent thinker will enable you to increase performance, productivity, efficiency and to reach a greater level of self-awareness. Independent thinking is a tool that can be used to enhance personal expression and creative ability and is a valuable additional skill to acquire.

The Characteristics of an Independent Thinker

There are many factors that encourage independent thought. High self-esteem however, is the single most distinguishing characteristic of any creative thinker and is often what propels individual thinking, performance and success. The feeling that each individual has about Self can be both limiting and inspiring, so it is essential that a good level of self-awareness is in evidence. Without self acceptance personal progress is slowed down considerably. So to encourage positive self-expression a better awareness must be achieved.

Self-confidence can also be generated externally, through the thoughts and comments of other individuals. Whilst this works wonders to boost confidence in ability it should not be used to replace self-esteem that is personally generated through a belief in your own abilities. All successful independent thinkers therefore have a clear understanding of self worth.

The Qualities of an Independent Thinker

Persistence, belief, independent self-esteem, confidence, determination and creative awareness are just some of the qualities that an independent thinker will bring to the table. These qualities, and others, will enable him/her to become more innovative in their thinking and will help them create the best opportunities to demonstrate independent thinking in a positive manner.

Working at developing these qualities will also inspire an individual to explore their way of thinking and to lift the restrictions and limitations that their current thinking pattern has set. By developing personal qualities independent thinking will begin to flow more freely.

The Benefits of Thinking Independently

Being able to think independently opens up a wealth of potential knowledge. It enables you to become more discerning about the things you hear, see and believe and helps you question values and assumptions. Independent thinking also hones your personal skills on many other levels, including the building of confidence in your ability to stand up for your beliefs.

How to Develop Thinking Independence

Independent thinking can only be developed as a result of exploring the structure that has been put into place to expand freedom of thought. To become an innovative thinker, for instance, an individual will have to exercise creativity through thinking and doing. Exploring ventures and opportunities will also lead to the need to develop independent thinking, and this will encourage positive self-esteem to grow.

Understanding the importance of independent thinking is essential. Without the knowledge of how and why an individual will be unable to develop their own unique abilities in a way that works best for them. Accepting personal limitations will also enable them to understand and research constructive ways of developing skills and knowledge. Independent thinking therefore can only be achieved by being individual in your approach to becoming more self-aware.

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