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How to Become an Original Thinker

By: Anna Martin - Updated: 25 May 2018 | comments*Discuss
Original Thinking Creative Leader Role

Successful, influential leaders are people who are able to lead others using innovative ideas, creative thoughts and inspired activity. The capacity to problem solve, increase performance and productivity and to motivate individuals to achieve full potential also originates from a leader’s ability to think out of the box, and to transfer original thought into creative and inspired action. Becoming an original, accomplished, thinker however is within everyone’s capabilities.

Influence Versus Originality

Not everyone is inspired to lead the pack from a place of creative inspired thinking. There are individuals who are naturally more productive and efficient when following commands and suggestion, and these are the people who are comfortable being influenced by a leader’s objective. These individuals will therefore form the team that a leader will instruct. Within a team, however, there are sometimes individuals who are willing to explore creativity of thought more openly and these are potentially original thinkers who simply require a little more motivation to trigger original creation.

What You Need to Become an Original Thinker

If you want to improve and change the way you think you will firstly need to examine your mindset. Having a keen interest in understanding how you work, how your thoughts naturally flow and what inspires and motivates you will all help you shift negative aspects of thinking into more positive action. An original thinker is someone who is excited by developing ideas and positive thinking, so you will have to ensure your thoughts are focused, analytical and creative at all times.

A willingness to learn is also essential if you want to be the best thinker you could possibly become. An interest in learning opens up many doors of opportunity and will also inspire and motivate your thoughts and actions.

Find a Role Model

Take a look at the people who are successful in your field of work and choose a role model who you admire on a personal and professional level. Pick someone who is at the top of their game so that you are able to study them by reading books and articles that have been written about them. Learn as much as you can about your role model’s background, personal challenges, dreams and aspirations and just about anything else that you are drawn to finding out about.

Once you become knowledgeable about your role model’s life aim to practice what they practice. This will create a shift in your normal way of thinking so that your ideas expand and flow more freely and you naturally shift into original thinking mode.

Act Like an Original Thinker

Whether you are leading or following acting like an original thinker will improve your efficiency, productivity and professional performance. By acting, in the manner that your role model would, your thoughts will be inspired to flow from one creative suggestion to another with ease. The more you readily apply this process the quicker your mindset will change and the more focused you will become on maintaining positive thinking patterns.

Inspired action will also help you constantly review and update thoughts and ideas so that before long your thoughts become more fluid and original all by themselves. Once you think like an original thinker you will also feel inspired to explore original thinking processes with other individuals, which in turn enables you to lead more confidently and successfully.

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