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By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 27 Dec 2019 | comments*Discuss
About Our Site

LeadershipExpert was formed to offer a unique reference point on expert advice on leaders and leadership.

Are you interested in leadership? Perhaps you are a leader looking to sharpen your skills, or you have a general interest in what it takes to lead others effectively. This site, LeadershipExpert, was created by our expert writers to answer all your leadership questions.

Leadership is a big area. We have a group of articles dedicated to leadership in children, which will be of particular interest to parents and teachers wishing to develop leadership qualities in their children. Similarly, we have produced some specialist advice for women leaders and for leadership in the workplace.

Leadership is an important skill to have in all manner of situations. To demonstrate this, we have compiled a series of case studies. You will find these incredibly helpful if they apply directly to your situation (for example, if you run a book club), but you should consider reading them anyway because they shed light on some important aspects of general leadership that you will be able to adapt to your own needs. If you wish to brush up your leadership skills (for example, public speaking and motivating others) then we have a set of feature articles that can help.

The best way to stay up to date with your leadership skills is to bookmark this site so you can return to it later, and to sign up to our regular newsletter. This way, you will be first in line when we have new features and tips for you.

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    Re: Teaching Children Leadership by Example
    Wants in depth knowledge in leadership in all levels including politics.
    23 July 2021
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    Re: A Sports Team Captain
    @craigy LeadershipExpert is right, it's okay to like winning but you should still care about having fun! There's more in life than winning!
    18 June 2021
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    Re: The Importance of Independent Thinking
    This is an amazing article, thank you for sharing.
    18 February 2021
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    Re: A Political Leader
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    18 November 2020
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    Re: A Sports Team Captain
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    9 November 2020
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    Re: Benefits of Leadership
    When was the first time to publish this topic, please?
    29 April 2020
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    Re: Effective Leadership and the Credit Crunch
    I am studying Political Leadership and would appreciate receiving your suggestions as to good resources for…
    2 January 2020
  • MSY
    Re: A Youth Leader
    just read the para for winning the owlympia...
    5 December 2019
  • XShazzabbyX
    Re: The Importance of Ethics in Leadership
    what would you define a manager that possesses qualities of both a leader and manager? if theyre both, surely they…
    22 October 2019
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    Re: A Sports Team Captain
    VERY Helpful..i was struggling with sports captain witch i needed for me assessment feel like from just reading this i could become a…
    5 September 2019